Plowing ahead to UCV spring planting weekend and 2015 IPM

 An Upper Canada Village media event held May 21, gave 2015 SDG International Plowing Match and Rural Expo chair Jim Brownell the opportunity to mark something off his bucket list.

“I have always wanted to do this,” said Brownell who took his turn at the reigns of an Upper Canada Village Canadian horse team.

The demonstration was held to promote spring planting weekend at Upper Canada Village which takes place May 30 and 31. 

During this weekend, the importance of agriculture will be demonstrated. 

Twelve teams of horses and oxen will be working the fields. In addition to the Village’s teams of Canadian horses, and working Devon Oxen, teams from the region have been invited. Those include Percherons of Marwin Antoine, Belgians of Brent and Christina Christie, Clydesdales of Don and Cheryl Cook, Belgians of Gabriele Lacavalier, Percherons or Ron McMillan, Percherons of Alan Moulton, Belgians of Roy Sherrer and Belgians of Jake and Sam Wensink. 

A variety of horse drawn equipment will be on site courtesy of Walter Hambleton and Mary Hume, and Upper Canada Village.

At last week’s media event, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, Upper Canada Village and IPM officials drew attention to the important partnership formed between the SLPC and IPM. 

Bookings for hotels and campground spaces throughout the region are starting to fill up as thousands of visitors plan to attend the SDG IPM which takes place near Finch, September 22-26.

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