Vacant jobs descriptions to be reviewed by council

 South Dundas council has asked staff to see the full job descriptions of two recently vacated positions.

The economic development officer and administrative assistant for planning/enforcement and public works have both moved on to new jobs elsewhere.

When a position becomes vacant, in accordance with the personnel policy, the CAO prepares a report to council outlining the recruitment process.

When council received this report at the May 5 meeting, they did not give it the expected approval, instead asking to see a report with the full job descriptions.

This request prompted the CAO to say to council, “If there’s a bigger picture that I’m not aware of, maybe we need a bigger more comprehensive review.”

Deputy mayor Jim Locke and councillor Archie Mellan, spoke about the need and importance of these positions, and suggested that the recruitment process move ahead as soon as possible.

However, the majority of council felt it was important to see these job descriptions, before moving forward in the process.
“This is the only time we have the opportunity for input,” said South Dundas mayor Evonne Delegarde. 

“I don’t think waiting two weeks is a big deal,” said councillor Marc St. Pierre.

“The CAO will bring the report back to the next meeting (May 19), and we will act right away,” said Delegarde.

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