100 Women Who Care About South Dundas donate $20,000


One hundred and fifty seven women who care about South Dundas came together last Thursday night, May 7, at the Upper Canada Playhouse and together those women made a difference for hundreds of people, young and old, living here in South Dundas .

Together the 157 women voted to donate $20,000 to three organizations who work in South Dundas for youth, the terminally ill, and the elderly.

Receiving top vote in the 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas first-time initiative, and a $10,000 donation, was the Dundas County Hospice, headquartered in Williamsburg. The second place donation of $6,000 went to the J.W. McIntosh Senior Support Centre in Williamsburg and third place and $4,000 was donated to the South Dundas Splash Pad project at the Children’s Park in Morrisburg.

Organizers of 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas, Janeen Wagemans and Tracey and Christyn Veinotte were overwhelmed with the support from the women of South Dundas. When they launched 100 Women Who Care this past January, they were just hoping to get the needed 100. 

Within one month they had their 100 women. “Today we hit 156, which is pretty amazing for such a small community” said Wagemans, Thursday night.  “All of you, for goodness sakes, let’s give ourselves a round of applause. What a wonderful place to live. We are so fortunate.”

The 156 women brought the Women Who Care donation total to $15,700 with each woman donating $100.

That amount climbed to $20,000 with a matching donation of up to $5,000 from Scotiabank, Morrisburg’s Community Matching Fund Program and forced the organizers to rethink their money disbursement

In the end the three-donation decision was made and guidelines were established for the future. As a result, Hospice will not be eligible to win again for three years, the J.W. McIntosh can not be nominated for two years and the Children’s Playground will not be eligible next year.

From the women themselves, 10 organizations were nominated for consideration and all were in attendance to market their proposal before the voting. 

They included St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage, South Dundas Youth Centre, The Dundas County Food Bank, MacIntosh Seniors Support Centre, WDMH Foundation, Optimists Club, Dundas County Community Living, Dundas County Hospice, The Carman House Museum and The Splash Pad.

Each of the women in attendance then voted, and the Scotiabank representatives went to work to tally the votes. Due to a tie, it ended up with four groups moving to the final vote including the three winners and the Dundas County Food Bank.

A second vote resulted in the winners being named.

In addition to the support of Scotiabank, 100 Women Who Care received the generous support of Donnie Bowes at Upper Canada Playhouse who provided the venue and Royal LePage Performance Realty who sponsored the reception.

Wagemans wrapped it up by announcing that 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas will return next year. Those wishing to be part of this wonderful initiative are asked to re-join on the website www.womenwhocaresouthdundas.com

Anyone who did not get in for this year’s 100 Women Who Care are encouraged to come aboard for next year…everyone is welcome and together the women of South Dundas can make a difference.

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