Brinston Road closure planned for 2016

The 2016 construction season is the season that 1,100 vehicles per day will be detoured around the County Road 16 (Brinston Road) 401 overpass.

Throughout the consultation process, the exact timing of the local project was not known, having been narrowed to either the 2015 or 2016 construction season.

Now, the MTO is now planning to replace both the Brinston Road and Aultsville Road underpasses in the same construction season, a revision from the plans presented at the last public information centre session last November.

“The contract is planned to be tendered later this summer, with some preliminary work expected in fall 2015,” said Mike Delugt, MTO spokesperson. “The bulk of the work is to be completed in 2016 with full closures of the municipal roads in the area of the bridges. Detours will be in place during the full closures.”

Both the Brinston Road and Aultsville Road overpasses will be demolished using a rapid demolition process. Rapid demolition minimizes the impact on 401 traffic, requiring the overnight closure of the eastbound and westbound lanes for 12-18 hours each.

Neither of these projects meets the criteria for rapid replacement, a process which is used in large cities.

The full closure season closure (April – December) 2016, reduces construction time, as opposed to using traditional on-lane closures, explains Delugt.

Brinston Road is a busy local roadway with annual average daily traffic of about 1,100 vehicles per day. During the road closure for the overpass replacement, traffic will be detoured to County Roads 40, 1 and 2. 

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