Two more chances to see Little Shop of Horrors musical featuring student talent

Local talent is taking centre stage at St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Cornwall.

Several area cast members are among the 40 featured in the production the two hour musical, Little Shop of Horrors. 

William Wallace, a grade 12 student at St. Joe’s, plays Mr. Mushnik, the miserable owner of a failing downtown New York flower shop.

“Opening night was great,” said Wallace. “The cast is really energetic.”

Opening night took place in the school auditorium, located along Cumberland Street in Cornwall April 17, at 8 p.m. and another public performance  took place April 18.

With two shows in the books, these student actors are looking forward to the final two public shows which will take place April 24 and 25 at the Cornwall school. She show is about two hours long.

“This is such a funny show. We have a really great cast,” said Wallace, who is from Morrisburg. “We have really pulled together and become great friends.” The group met with The Leader Monday after school to talk about the musical and to encourage the local community to come to one of the two remaining shows.

Maiko Button, of Long Sault, who plays Audrey, is a grade 12 students at St. Joe’s.  Audrey is one of Mr. Mushnik’s two shop assistants, along with Seymour Krelborn.

“This show is maybe not as well known, but it’s a really great show, It is fast-paced and witty,” said Button. It is directed by Mr. Gilles Levac, who all of the actors agree, does a fantasic job.

Seymour is played by Brett Weegar of Morrisburg, a grade 12 student at St. Joe’s. “This character was made for me,” said Weegar. “Ya, awkward around women, and kind of dorky,” the ladies of the cast chime in quickly.

“This is a really great show,” says Weegar. “We have a really good teacher. The amount of effort he puts into this is astounding. Actually, we put a lot of work into it too.”

Kamryn Frank, another grade 12 student at St. Joe’s is the voice of Audrey II, the villanous carnivorous plant. Frank, who is quite a vocal talent according to those who attended Friday’s show, says that she “loves that she actually gets to use her rock voice.”

She said that St. Joe’s puts on an awesome, full production musical. “We work on it from October until now. For only $10 a ticket it’s a great night out,” says Frank. The puppeteer for the Audrey II plant is Alexandra Lauzon, of the Long Sault area. Her fellow cast members agreee that she does a great job.

Three St. Joe’s grade nines from Morrisburg are part of the ensemble that sings and dances throughout the show.

“We make the show lively,” says Mallory Trizisky. 

“It’s a really fun show. I love the music,” says Abby Trizisky.

“Mainly, people don’t know how much work everyone puts into this,” says Jaxon Weegar. “For a school show, this show is really awesome.” Tickets are available at the St. Joseph’s school office or at the door.   

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