Thousand Islanders hold workshop at the McIntosh Inn


The Thousands Islanders, a vibrant a cappella chorus, centred in Brockville, held two days of dynamic vocal workshops in facilities arranged at the McIntosh Inn and Conference Centre in Morrisburg, April 17-18. Flown in as guest instructor was Steve Scott. Scott, a noted American voice and musical coach, is a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Kansas, and currently working on his Phd. in vocal pedagogy. The Islanders choir, led by director Stuart McMartin, front row left, includes two South Dundas residents, Wendy Gibb, second row, right end, and Karen Koivumaki, second row, third from the right. The choir is currently in final rehearsals for the 2015 Area Contest and Convention held in Alliston on May 23. At this event, choirs from all over Ontario will compete for musical gold. Instructor Scott, who worked extensively over two days with the choir, quartettes and individual singers, feels that “people are natural born musicians: to be human is to be a musician. I have the opportunity to coach and encourage that unique inner singer.”

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