Souly Reconnected with Kim Hutt

Over the last few years, local businessperson Kim Hutt has been on a journey that has led her to turn a longtime hobby and a passion for knowledge into a home based business. 

Her aim is for every person who comes through the door of her home to feel better when they leave.

Relocated just north of Iroquois, along County Road 40 (Stampville Road), through Souly Reconnected, Hutt offers a wide variety of self care and energy awareness techniques that she now shares with over 100 clients.

Kim is a certified relaxation therapist, natural health care consultant and self created health facilitator. The main floor of her farmhouse has been transformed into a holistic health therapy room, complete with an associated lending library and a fitness studio.

One of the latest programs being offered by Hutt is BellyFit , an ‘aerobics’ class which incorporates a holistic approach that calms the mind, inspires the spirit and gives participants a phenomenal full body workout.

“The saying no pain, no gain, doesn’t apply here,” said Hutt. “What you get here is a really good workout in a safe environment, and we have so much fun.” 

Hutt is proud to be the only place offering these BellyFit classes around the whole region. This workout offers a creative combination of cardio inspired by belly dance, Bollywood and African dance infused with aspects of yoga and pilates conditioning all major muscle groups.

She is offering special rates to anyone who wants to try one of these classes if they mention this article.

BellyFit is only one of many therapies offered by Hutt. 

Although she offers many therapies, the focus of all of them is to help people find balance in between their mental, physical and spiritual elements.

For Hutt, these therapies have helped her decrease her stress levels, reduce the need for some medications and feel more positive about life, even through some very stressful times.

She recommends that anyone interested in any of the therapies she offers sit down with her for a one-on-one assessment so she can recommend what best suits the client’s needs.

“I am not a healer, I help guide people through self-healing,” she says.

Through energy therapy including Reiki, where she is a Master in Usui Reiki and Quantum Touch Therapy, she is able to share hands on healing and comfort techniques with clients and people wanting to connect to their own healing abilities through love.

Hutt offers movement and sound therapy through classes such as Qi Gong and Bellyfit  and use of tuning forks – chanting and toning.   She also offers transformation meditation and breathwork classes through the WDMH oncology department to patients.       

Hutt offers art therapy through spirit painting which she shares with students and faculty of Carleton University each semester in workshops. 

She will be offering some of these  spirit painting workshops at her home location in the near future, and encourages anyone interested to contact her directly (, as space is limited. She is offering special rates with mention of this article. 

Spirit painting involves calling on spiritual energy to guide a client through a creative process and then working with Hutt to analyze the resulting painting.

Hutt has been practicing many of these offerings personally for about 15 years, and loves that she is now able to share them with so many people through her business. “I get to see miracles everyday,” she says.

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