Anglicans welcome new priest in June


The Right Reverend John H. Chapman, Bishop of Ottawa, has announced that the reverend Jonathon Martin has been named the new incumbent for the Morrisburg-Iroquois-Riverside Heights parish of the Anglican Church.

The appointment is effective June 1, 2015.

Jonathon Martin was ordained in 2006 by Bishop Peter Coffin, and has served as assistant curate at Christ Church, Bells Corners, and as incumbent at the parish of North Dundas, now known as St. Clare’s Church. He has also served as Regional Dean of Stormont, a facilitator for Fresh Start, a member of the Parish Growth & Renewal Consultants Advisor Panel and was instrumental in the development and building of St. Clare’s Church in Winchester.

Martin, who holds a B.A., M.P.Th, is currently completing his D.Min.

“Jonathon is a skilled and competent pastor, and I believe he will quickly gain your trust and love,” said Bishop Chapman in his letter to the South Dundas parish. 

The reverend Martin knows the Morrisburg-Iroquois-Riverside Heights parish well, as he grew up here. His mother, the reverend Pat Martin, was one of the parish’s previous curates.

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