County Roads 1 and 4 for download

South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke has long been pushing for the United Counties of SDG to turn over a portion of County Road 1 to the Municipality of South Dundas.

At the March 17, South Dundas council meeting, he reported that with the windfall money for roads from the EDP Renewables road compensation funds, that may be able to happen, “sooner than anticipated.”

With the counties planning to spend the EDP funds they received through the road compensation agreement on county roads in South Dundas, Locke explained that the funds could go towards the road upgrades necessary for the download to take place.

The portion of the road that Locke wants South Dundas to take control of is the section from County Road 2 to the Iroquois Lock.

South Dundas mayor Evonne Delegarde reported that County Road 4 (Lakeshore Drive) is another road being looked at for downloading to South Dundas.

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