Big Four Win for Morrisburg Little Rocks


It’s been 16 years since a Morrisburg Little Rocks team had their names etched on the Big Four Trophy, and it ended here on Saturday, February 28.

There was absolutely no question that the 16-year drought was going to end late Saturday afternoon, when not just one but two Morrisburg Little Rock foursomes worked their way into the championship final with undefeated records.

The Big Four is a four-club bonspiel with each of the four clubs from Metcalfe, Russell, Winchester and Morrisburg, putting two teams on the ice and each hosting the event on a rotating basis from year to year. 

The action for the 2015 final was exciting as the two Morrisburg teams went to work for the championship. In the end, it went to skips rocks and the team of Ewan Wilson, Nolan Belanger, Josh Broad and J.J. Charette won the championship.   

“It was an awesome experience to have both Morrisburg teams in the finals,” says Little Rocks program coordinator Ian Wilson.  “This is the first time in this century Morrisburg has won this event.”  

The runner-ups were Jody Robinson, Kyra Lewis, Rhiannon Beckstead and Alexis Grenkie. 

The championship final started off with the first end being blanked. The Wilson rink then took two in the second.

Robinson got one back in the third and stole the fourth end for one (she had a chance to win it). That sent it to skips rock for the decision.

“We were going to let it stay tied, but the kids said no, they wanted to finish it,” says Ian Wilson explaining that six end games were played in the preliminary games and the final was a four-ender. 

The Wilson rink defeated Metcalfe 8-1 and Winchester 6-1 to get to the final.

The Robinson rink defeated Russell 5-3 and Metcalfe 5-1 to earn their spot in the final.

“It was a pretty exciting day,” says Ian Wilson. “It’s is great for our program to see these kids curling so well.”


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