Morrisburg curlers invitational a success


In the senior men’s invitational bonspiel last week, organizer Jack Barkley had to put three local teams in to bring the total to 12 entrants. 

In the first draw, Ron Beaupre, Al Harriman, John Allison and Rick MacKenzie finished second, defeating teams from Winchester and Cornwall. Russell won the draw, Rideau was third, and Prescott and Cornwall tied for fourth, ahead of Winchester.

The second draw saw another Russell foursome win, with Prescott second and  Maxville third. Fourth was the team of Dave King, Raymond Benoit, Sam Locke and  Don McMillan, who lost to Russell and defeated Maxville. Peter Zeran, Ray Benoit, Don McMillan and Sam Locke defeated another Russell team to finish fifth, ahead of Russell.

Jack Barkley ran a well-organized and successful event, with fantastic ice provided by Wally Baker and precise scoring by Sid Morrell. 

Last week three Morrisburg teams were in Russell for a friendly bonspiel. Andy Patenaude, Kathy Hardy, Joanne Baker and Joan MacKinnon won their match, as did Greta McGann, Ruth Kelly, Janie Connelly and Penny Charlebois. Our third team, Sue McIntosh, Kathy Killick, Denis Thibault and Linda Murphy dropped their game, giving the local opposition a bit of joy on the ice. 

In the latest draw for the senior men, the missing games were played and the finish was: first: Pete Zeran, Ron Beaupre, Eric Johnson and Glenn Cougler, second: Andy Patenaude, Doug Jarvis and Don Lazenby, and third: Jack Barkley, Bill Magee, Paul Gunther and Kent Dawley.

Peter Zeran, Don McMillan, and Mahlon and Sam Locke represented us in the final Parnell match last week in Lancaster. They lost to Prescott on their last rock and defeated Cornwall. Prescott won the trophy.

Four teams of our ladies competed in the Russell Invitational last week. 

Susan McIntosh, Wendy Casselman, and Claire and Paula Locke dropped their matches to Carleton Heights and Ottawa’s R. A. Alice Thompson, Kathy Hardy, Pat Foley and Betty Locke beat Navan and lost to R.A. Ruth Kelly, Kathy Killick, Janie Connelly and Nelda Hickman lost to one Navan team in the morning and beat the other one in the afternoon.  Our last team was Greta McGann, Joan McKinnon, Joanne Baker and Liz Locke. They defeated Winchester and Carleton Heights.


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