Bantam curlers pack the house

Our Little Rockers played host to a full slate of 12 Bantam curling teams on Sunday, February 1. 

In the early draw, the Winchester team emerged victorious, while curlers from Navan finished second. Our boys, Ewan Wilson, Nolan Belanger, Josh Broad and Jonathan Charette, were third by half a point, winning their last match with a draw to the button. North Grenville finished fourth, Prescott, who our fellows defeated in their first match, were fifth, and Cornwall placed sixth.

In the late draw, our girls, Jodie Robinson, Annika Gibbons, Abby Trizisky and Kyra Morris, were close in their matches, but couldn’t quite pull off victory against the older, more experienced bantam aged opposition. 

North Grenville came first in their division, Navan was second, and Glenmore, from the Montreal area, was third. Winchester placed fourth, Prescott was fifth, and they edged out our girls. Both of our teams played well, and are getting better each time out. Next year some of our players will graduate to the bantam division, and will be able to compete against the older players on an equal footing. 

Thanks again to the Wilson family, who coach and nurture these young curlers, with help from several of the parents, assistance that was noteworthy Sunday.

Our senior men hosted Brockville on Friday for a friendly bonspiel. Our three teams were: Don McMillan, Sam Locke, Al Gowanlock and Jim Adams, who won. The second team was Peter Zeran, Ron Beaupre, Eric Johnson and Glenn Cougler, who lost their match, and the third was Andy Patenaude, Doug Jarvis, and Don Lazenby, who won theirs. 

Last Wednesday, Alice Thompson, Sharon Van Allen, Linda Murphy and Sandra Beckstead were back at Kemptville for their Ladies’ Invitational. The morning match was a victory, as a Granite rink succumbed to Morrisburg’s skilled play. After lunch our folks returned to the five sheet rink and lost to a superior Russell foursome.

On January 23, two teams of senior men competed in the Prescott Parnell bonspiel. Jack Barkley, Raymond Benoit, Don McMillan and Neil Williams lost to Prescott, who won the competition. Pete Zeran, Andy Patenaude, Sam Locke and Earl Jeacle also lost both of their games. 

The final Parnell competition will be held later this month in Lancaster. Better luck this time, fellows.

Saturday, January 31, Morrisburg hosted their annual Alzheimer Bonspiel. With encouraging words and thanks from the Alzheimer representative, the teams in the competition launched their games. 

In the first draw, with wins in both their matches, the team of Andy Patenaude, Alice Thompson, Rick McKenzie and Sandra Beckstead emerged victorious and took home their prizes as the champions. In the second draw, Sam Locke, Penny Davidson, Dennis Thibault and Claire Locke won amidst some excellent competition.

The silent auction netted $1,000 for Alzheimer, and the entry fees and other initiatives upped the total for the day considerably. Thanks to Mahlon Locke for organizing the day, and to the other volunteers, who took care of lunch, the bar, and who helped Wally keep the ice in top shape. It was great to see the involvement by curlers from all leagues, as well as current and former curlers from all age groups.

Finally, members are reminded of the meeting at 7 p.m. February 16 to hear about an affordable plan to replace our aged refrigeration plant. 

See you there. Good curling to all!


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