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This past weekend our ladies’ team of Kathy Killick, Linda Murphy, Penny Charlebois and Liz Locke Doherty competed against seven other foursomes in Ontario playdowns here, for curlers with five or fewer years of curling experience. 

Morrisburg defeated one  of the three R.A. teams in their first match, and followed that up with a victory over Richmond. That put them into the “A” final against a Granite foursome. 

In the “B” final, two R.A. quartets duelled for one trophy, in 10-end matches. Cartwright’s team defeated their clubmates, led by Clarke, for the “B” trophy, while Granite’s Stinson won out over the Morrisburg ladies for the “A” championship. The L.C.A.’s Virginia Cunningham presented pins to all four teams, and the trophies to the victors. Our lounge was crammed with spectators, and as usual, a large number of volunteers worked to make the event run smoothly. Congratulations to our team, and we hope all who qualify will consider entering again next year. We’re proud of you.

At Metcalfe last Saturday two of our ladies’ teams competed in their four-club competition, the Broder. Greta McGann, Kathy Hardy, Betty Locke and Janie Connolly defeated Metcalfe in their morning match, but lost to Russell in the afternoon. In the “A” final, a Russell team emerged victorious.

Susan McIntosh, Kathy Norg, Joanne Baker and Leanne McCooeye dropped their first game against Metcalfe, and after lunch went onto the ice again, emerging victorious over one of the Winchester teams. That put them into the “B” final in the evening after the banquet and the annual meeting. While they curled well, they lost to the other Metcalfe representatives. Well done, ladies!

A team of day ladies were in Ottawa’s Granite club for a bonspiel last week. Greta McGann, Janie Connolly, Penny Charlebois and Joan MacKinnon played Carleton Heights in the morning, and Perth in the afternoon. Our ladies came out on the short end of both tight matches, but nevertheless enjoyed their outing.

Our senior men hosted Prescott last week in a friendly bonspiel. Jack Barkley, Bill Magee, Paul Gunther and Kent Dawley, Peter Zeran, Ron Beaupre, Eric Johnson and Glenn Cougler, as well as John Allison, Rick MacKenzie, Peter Byvelds and Albert DeJong hosted our visitors. Our men won their matches  and this week three more teams head off to Brockville for another friendly bonspiel. Isn’t retirement wonderful?

Our hard-working board of directors meet on a regular basis to plan and oversee the business operations of our club. They work hard on our behalf, and we are grateful for their efforts. They’ve made some changes so far this year. In case you haven’t attended or seen minutes of their meetings, we’ll have highlights from time to time. As per the club’s constitution, the plan is to have members serve two year terms, with two new members elected at the Spring General meeting for continuity. They plan fall meetings as well. 

In closing, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Ian McGillis. He died too young, of cancer. Ian was a former president of our club, assisted behind the scenes on our behalf, and continued to work for the Ontario Curling Association until his death. Our sympathies go out to Nancy and to Ian’s family.

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