Holiday strain leaves food bank shelves bare

“The strain on food banks is always high at this time of year, but for the Dundas County Food Bank this is unprecedented,” said Ian McKelvie, DCFB administrator.

While the food bank has been fortunate to receive much community support over the holiday season, the generosity hasn’t been enough to keep the shelves stocked.

Over the last several weeks, food is going out the door as fast as it is coming in.

Food bank use has increased by about 15 percent across Dundas County, but McKelvie says that it has increased even more here at the South Dundas location in Morrisburg.

With food going out the doors so quickly, the food purchasing budget for 2014 has been completely depleted. 

DCFB officials estimate that the food budget will be overspent by about $12,000 just to meet demand. “It’s possible that we could have our first deficit since the food bank was established in 1991.”

“We would like to appeal to the community to help us reduce this shortfall,” said McKelvie. 

Right now they are asking that people focus on monetary donations, cash or cheques payable to the Dundas County Food Bank.

Monetary donations allow the food bank to focus on their most immediate food needs, and gives purchasers a little more buying power to buy in bulk to turn the dollars into more food.

The need is immediate. 

Donations can be dropped off at the food bank.  They are open next January 5, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For added convenience, the Municipality of South Dundas and Township of North Dundas have agreed to accept donations for the Dundas County Food Bank at the municipal offices in Morrisburg and Winchester during regular business hours from January 2 on.

Donations are also accepted online at : search for Dundas County Food Bank.

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