Parnell Cup Excitement


Last week our senior men swept to the fore, with the Parnell competition starting up again, and a bonspiel in Winchester.

In the “Battle of the St. Lawrence”, Prescott, Cornwall and Lancaster came to Morrisburg, on Friday, for bragging rights in this first renewal. 

Peter Zeran’s group of Sam Locke, Earl Jeacle and Bud Perry were in tough in their first match against the top Cornwall team in the morning match, while Cornwall #2 defeated the first Prescott foursome. Lancaster’s team defeated the other Prescott quartet before the usual delicious luncheon.

In Morrisburg’s second match, our fellows had a much better result against the other Cornwall team, but their one and one record was not enough for them to win the overall Parnell title. 

Lancaster won both of their matches, but Cornwall’s Viau team claimed the Parnell trophy with a better total score. They will defend their title at the next Parnell match up in Cornwall, in January, where we are allowed two teams. It was exciting curling, with some great shots by the six teams involved. 

The Parnell trophy was donated by Jack Parnell in honour of his father, Jack Parnell Sr., Morrisburg curlers both. After years of winners, there’s no more room on the trophy, and a shield is now in use. 

Pete Zeran’s foursome defeated Jack Barkley’s team last Tuesday for the right to be our sole representative for Friday’s Parnell play. The Barkley team included Don McMillan, Jack Barkley, Doug Jarvis and Dave King. Peter’s team curled well and defeated their opposition handily to earn the right to represent Morrisburg, on Friday.

Back in Winchester, Don McMillan, Jack Barkley, Doug Jarvis and Dave King dropped a match to Metcalfe, but defeated a Russell quartet to finish third in their draw. Our other team, Peter Zeran, Mahlon Locke, Maurice Kolff and Larry Ware also won one game, against Cornwall, but lost against the Maxville competition.

Our teams noted that the ice was slower than when our Gamble foursomes competed there recently. It was a fine day, though, with good companionship, good food, and a chance to measure themselves against other eastern Ontario men.

A Grey Cup party and a friendly bonspiel were held at the club on Sunday. All three sheets were in use, and then our curlers settled in for a meal and an exciting Grey Cup game. 

On Tuesday we enjoyed our annual ladies’ invitational bonspiel, and we’ll have those results next time.

December 10 is the date for our delayed Russell mixed invitational, and December 13 will see our Christmas bonspiel and banquet. 

On December 20 and 21, Morrisburg hosts the senior men’s and women’s zone playdowns. For you young seniors (50 and over), why not put a team in? See Mahlon Locke or President Ruth Kelly for details.

We’re glad to see our little rockers doing so well in bonspiels. They’re having a busy year, and a few will be moving to the bantam ranks next year from our huge little rock numbers. Thanks again to the Wilsons, who work so hard with our young curlers.

That’s it for now. Good curling to all!

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