Perspectives with Rev. James Tripp


Waiting in Anticipation

The snow is falling outside as I write this and I can’t help but think about the excitement that must be stirring in children everywhere. 

I noticed one little girl out for a walk with her grandma and grandpa that was all bundled up in her snow suit. She couldn’t wait for there to be more snow so that she could play in it. 

I remember being her age and playing in the snow with my siblings. Every year I would be so excited when the first snowfall came bringing with it the prospect of that year’s very first snowman. 

There was an overwhelming sense of happiness when I would look out the window in the morning and there was a light covering of sparkling snow on the ground. It was something I always looked forward to. 

As the weather got colder and more snow began to fall, the feeling of anticipation for Christmas grew stronger. Christmas is a time of buying gifts, decorating trees and putting up lights. It is also the time when we remember Jesus coming to earth as a little baby in Bethlehem. Bringing with him peace, hope and promise that can be felt every day and seen in each fresh snowfall. 

Every family has their own Christmas traditions of giving gifts, turkey dinners, or traveling to visit family. Whatever the tradition is for you, if you don’t have a church family, we invite you to join us for our Christmas Eve Service as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together. 

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