South Dundas’ funding applications denied

Last week the Ontario government announced infrastructure funding for Eastern Ontario Municipalities, and the news for South Dundas wasn’t as good as local municipal officials had hoped.

Through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, 426 municipalities across the province will receive annual funding to support improvements and repairs to road, bridge and wastewater projects.

The $100 million OCIF has two components, $50 million is allocated annual using a funding formula, and the other $50 million is made available to municipalities based on an application process.

South Dundas will be receiving $76,600 of formula based funding, but their application-based funding request was denied.

South Dundas had applied for $1.1 million from the OCIF program for a resurfacing project on Main Street, Morrisburg.

“There was no reason given for the denial,” South Dundas treasurer Shannon Geraghty told The Leader.

At the same time as the OCIF intake, applications for the Small Communities Fund were also being accepted to identify priority municipal projects for the federal fund.

Through this intake, South Dundas had applied for funds to resurface Riverside Drive.

If successful, South Dundas would have received one-third funding from each of the provincial and federal levels of government towards the $838,000 project. However, that application was also denied.

Geraghty said that it is disappointing, but there’s always next year to try again. He also acknowledged that South Dundas has been in the fortunate position to receive government funds for many major infrastructure projects over the last several years.

Through the formula-based component of the OCIF program, the United Counties of SDG will receive $210,600. South Dundas’ neighbours, South Stormont will receive $76,900, North Dundas $54,400 and Edwardsburgh-Cardinal $47,200. 

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