Delayed results could bring paper ballot back for next election

Elections results for South Dundas and 43 other municipalities in Ontario were delayed on election night, and that delay could change things for the next South Dundas election in four years time.

With the use of technology, results are expected within about an hour of polls closing, but in South Dundas, it took almost 3.5 hours for election results to be delivered by South Dundas’ clerk and returning officer Brenda Brunt to a small crowd only a few candidates their supporters who remained at the South Dundas Municipal Centre in council chambers.

This is the second consecutive election that South Dundas and other municipalities have experienced significant delays and difficulties in getting results delivered on election night.

Although the results were delivered at 11:20 p.m., Brunt still had no explanation for the delay from Scytl, the company hired to handle the process.

Tuesday morning the returning officers of 44 municipalities in Ontario, including all of those in SDG, were working hard to get answers from Scytl Canada about the unexpected delay. 

By noon the returning officers of SDG had received a letter from Brian O’Connor, Scytl general manager, North America.

“We can now confirm that our quality assurance process detected an inconsistency in the naming of certain election results files.  Upon the detection of an anomaly, Scytl reran the tabulation and conducted a thorough manual audit,” reads the letter.

“While these additional measures required extra time to deliver the elections results, our first priority is to ensure the integrity of the election and deliver results to our clients of unquestionable accuracy.”  

“Scytl sincerely apologizes for the delay in the distribution of the results from yesterday’s municipal election and we thank the municipalities, local candidates, media, and voters for their patience and understanding,” concludes the letter.

With the three hour delay in getting election results delivered to South Dundas from the contractor hired to collect, compile and tabulate the results of the 2014 municipal election, most of the candidates on the eve of the election were eager to support a return to paper ballot voting for the next election. This is the second consecutive election where South Dundas has had to deal with technical difficulties from a service provider on election night, even though after the trouble in the last election, when the system was overwhelmed by last minute voting, a new company with a proven track record was contracted to provide the service.

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