A fitting “gold” finale for Piccolini in Quebec


The end to the summer equestrian season was bittersweet for Rayanna Marcellus and her “large” pony Piccolini. 

The two have been riding competitively for five years, and now with Rayanna about to turn 18, she must graduate to ride horses.

“It’s really amazing how far he has come over the years,” says Rayanna. “He has turned out to be a really great pony.”

Knowing it was her last season with Pico, Rayanna decided she would return him to the Quebec AERSO Circuit where they first showed in the 2010 season. It was his trial year, and he surprised everyone when he finished fourth overall for the season and won a bronze medal in the Quebec B Circuit Championship.

A rescue pony purchased two years earlier in the U.S., he was selected by the championship judges back in 2010 as “the pony they would most like to take home.”

“I wanted to take him back to Quebec where he started,” says Rayanna of her decision to return to the Quebec AERSO cirucit this summer. Her mission was a gold medal for Picco and together they accomplished their mission and then some.

Picco finished the regular season first overall in the Large Pony Division and first overall in Pony Medal.

That put him in the Quebec championship at Bromont which ran from September 19-21 and where he showed against (up to) 28 horses and riders representing the seven regions in Quebec.

“I had hopes for him, but I had been away at school and hadn’t been riding him, so he was kind of excited,” says Rayanna. “It was also a cold, windy, rainy day. He was excited and kind of funny, but he did really well.”

Together Rayanna and Picco finished their season, and their five years together, by winning gold medals in both Large Pony and Pony Medal.

Rayanna says it is definitely hard knowing she and Picco won’t be riding competitively anymore. “It’s been a long time with him.”

The Quebec Championship proved to be a big event for Rayanna, her pony Picco (two gold medals), her horse Keepsake (two gold medals), along with the local Sarabeau stables.

According to her coach, Cheryl Levere…to my knowledge it is unheard of for one rider to get so many gold medals.


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