SDS Kerr adds to South Dundas Sports Lending Library


Wellness, and community involvement are both important issues for SDS Kerr/Beaver Dental and that’s why the early-summer purchase of a Stand Up Paddleboard for the South Dundas Sports Lending Library was a perfect fit.

The week of September 29 to October 3, the plant hosted a week-long Wellness Initiative where employees were given the opportunity to participate in and learn of a variety of activities that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

To take advantage of the opportunity and make public the Paddleboard donation to the Library, South Dundas Recreation Program Coordinator Ben Macpherson, loaded up the board and transported it to the plant.

MacPherson explained the use of the board. “It is currently one of the fastest growing sports. You can take it out and just lay on it to relax, or you can use it for a good core workout. You can work your legs, core and arms. The river provides a really good workout.”

“We’ve had kids use it as young as 6-7 years, and the paddleboard was borrowed every weekend from the time we got it in mid-June to September. The same as the kayaks. With the success of the paddle board, we are going to purchase a second board.”

“We wanted to do something for the lending library,” said Isabella Farlinger. “I was aware of the stand up paddleboard and thought it would make a good addition to the lending library. We raised some money at a barbecue we held at our open house, and the company topped it up.”

Macpherson explained that the current board, at a cost of just under $800, is “middle of the road to high end in design. There are cheaper paddleboards and more expensive boards. This board is designed to be user friendly because it is wider.”

Stand up paddleboarding originated in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing. The paddles used to propel the board are similar to the traditional canoe paddles and used while the paddle boarder is standing on the board.

As part of the Wellness Initiative at the plant a two-day trade fair provided vendors the opportunity to display their products and service.

Attending were Great West Life, Encon, Canadian Cancer Society, Lakeshore Massage, Bayshore Workplace Health and Safety, South Dundas Recreation, Heart and Stroke and Natunola.

The employees sat in on retirement planning sessions, and lunch n’ learn sessions on topics such as healthy eating, how to quit smoking and online education programs offered through St. Lawrence College.

There was also a work day walking challenge.

The South Dundas Recreation display highlighted the many recreational activities available in South Dundas, including the Sports Lending Library.

With the summer now gone, Macpherson explained those seasonal items will now move to the back of the Library shelves and demand will be for snowshoes, cross-country skis and skates. 

All of the equipment needed for each, in addition to helmets, are available in assorted sizes.


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