Three all candidates nights for South Dundas hosted by local Chamber of Commerce

South Dundas voters will have three opportunities to hear from their 14 municipal election candidates, when the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce hosts all candidates nights.

The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce is organizing the all candidates nights for the upcoming Municipal Election, in keeping with its tradition of making these important forums available to the entire community so candidates have an opportunity to express their views and voters have the information they need to make informed choices on October 27th. 

The All Candidates Nights will begin at 6 p.m. and be held at the following locations and dates: Upper Canada Playhouse on Tuesday, September 30, Matilda Hall on Tuesday, October 14 and Iroquois Civic Centre on Monday October 20.  

All three meetings will feature all candidates seeking election to South Dundas council.

The format for these All Candidates Nights will be as follows: 

• All candidates will be given two minutes for opening statements. This will allow them to introduce themselves, give some background information and outline their views on specific issues and why they have offered their services to South Dundas residents. 

• The floor will then be open to a question and answer period, providing an opportunity to ask candidates specific questions that concern you and your community.

• Candidates will be given two minutes for closing statements.  

It should be noted that this is not a debate.  

There will be no rebuttals or further questions following the candidate’s answer.  

Everyone is invited to participate in these important events. 

They provide a valuable forum for voters to present their concerns to the very individuals who are vying for the position to address these concerns for the next four years. 

It also provides the unique opportunity to hear and compare all of the candidates’ views and intentions in their bid for elected office. 

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