Perspectives by Rev. Janet Evans


“Elections in Scotland. Deciding who to vote for in the municipal elections. Getting a permit to build a new home. Going back to work after an illness.” There is always so much to think about!

Our lives are filled with concerns, appointments, house cleaning, cooking and driving to and from work. When we are preoccupied with our own busy-ness, we forget to place Christ at the centre of our days. We have little time to engage in prayer, reflections and meditation.

When we put God first, however, the hours of our days will be more meaningful. Our Lord will offer us guidance, inspiration and strength to help build a world where mercy, justice and tolerance reign.

God will love us and never let us fall out of His caring embrace.

In this autumn season, let us take time in a 24 hour period to offer prayers of thanksgiving, intercession and supplication to God.

May we listen for His voice and remember that all things will work together for those who trust in the Lord! Amen.


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