South Dundas election race heating up

Carl Matthews-McIntyre making first run at council

McIntyre filed his nomination papers for the deputy mayor’s seat the morning of September 4.

“I don’t want to live in a community where the only choice for our young people is to move away or work at minimum wage menial position,” said McIntyre. He says youth jobs, the need for affordable housing and doctor shortages are among the issues that have not been addressed by this council. McIntyre says this council is not representative of this community and that they have continually refused to listen concerns from the business community.

McIntyre moved to this area 11 years ago from Toronto. There, he was a maintenance manager for Metro and the City of Toronto. “There I had a staff of over 150 and controlled a multi-million dollar budget,” said McIntyre. He retired from that position in 2003, and in 2007 came here and opened his first business in Morrisburg, Basket Case.

Since opening that business he has been actively involved with the Morrisburg Business Improvement Area and South Dundas Chamber of Commerce. He is presently on leave from his position of South Dundas Chamber of Commerce president.

“I have always striven to build partnerships with community groups, council, businesses, and anyone who is interested in promoting the community.” 


He led the Chamber of Commerce in saving Antiquefest and the Tubie Festival.

Former councillor Del Jones strives to return as deputy mayor

Monday, Delbert Jones announced that he will seek election as South Dundas deputy mayor.

Jones served as South Dundas councillor from 2006 to 2010. He ran for the mayor’s seat in 2010.

“I have four years of experience on council and more than 20 years of management experience that will ensure I make a positive contribution to South Dundas council and county council,” says Jones.

Reflecting on his prior term on council, Jones says, “We had four very productive years when I was on council and we did not raise taxes. I intend to work with our next council to help prioritize and restrain spending with the goal of producing four budgets with no tax increases.”

Jones says it is his feeling is that council could benefit from the experience he offers, including strong analytical skills paired with a solid financial background.

Jones would very much like to have some input at United Counties council, where the mayor and deputy mayor both sit as members. 

“The highest percentage of our taxes goes to the counties, so it would be nice to have some input at that level,” says Jones.

“Quite simply, I would like to contribute,” says Jones.

He sees the deputy mayor’s seat as a good fit for him. 

Jones works for the Upper Canada District School Board, assigned to the TR Leger Campus in Prescott. He is in his tenth year as a secondary school teacher. 

Jones is also a professional accountant – CPA, CMA – with over 25 years of business experience with some on Canada’s largest companies.Jim

Mills positive about campaign for councillor seat

Jim Mills, a lifetime resident of South Dundas has considered a run at municipal council before, but this time he filed nomination papers, on Monday, to make it official. 

Mills is seeking election as a South Dundas councillor in the upcoming election.

“I love new challenges,” said Mills. “I have no issues, I just think we are ready for a new beginning. I want to give back to this community.”

Mills opened a business, Twin Peaks Sanitary Services Inc. in 1996, serving the communities of North and South Dundas. Recently that business has expanded to include Northshore Environmental, servicing the Seaway Valley and Ottawa region.

“Building my own family business has made me familiar with government policy and procedures, ministry practices, requirements and regulations,” said Mills in a press release. 

“Being in the service industry has also given me first-hand experience in customer service and dealing with many different people on a daily basis. I am exposed to their many viewpoints and listen to concerns of citizens of our municipality regularly.”

“The residents of South Dundas need to move forward together as one to ensure we build a financially sound, forward-thinking community for our children and generations to come,” writes Mills.

Mills says his campaign is all about being positive.


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