Council getting a raise

Following an in house review of council remuneration, council approved a small pay increase for South Dundas’ elected officials.

Increased remuneration for every member of council was approved at the September 2 regular South Dundas council meeting.

A review of council remuneration is something that should be done at least once per term of council, according to South Dundas clerk Brenda Brunt.

After a staff review of area council remuneration levels, they provided a number of options, that were slightly higher than what was approved by council.

In the end, council decided that the mayor will be paid $24,000, the deputy mayor $15,000 and councillors $12,000.

Presently base honorarium is $21,178 for the mayor, $14,783 for deputy mayor and $11,615 for councillors.

The base honorarium includes 24 regular council meetings. Pay for committee meetings is $75 per meeting. Mileage and conference rates follow those set by the United Counties of SDG.

Conference allowances will increase from $1,200 to $1,400 for a four day conference, to help offset the increased cost of hotels and parking.

Even with the increased honourium, South Dundas council members are the second lowest paid in SDG.

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