Ryder Cup action in Morrisburg

The annual Ryder Cup competition was played at the Morrisburg Golf Club on Saturday, and when the battle between the Patenaude teams was all over it was the Andy teaming winning over the Monique team 10 points to four.

Andy Patenaude who is the men’s captain and Monique Patenaude who captains the ladies section selected their teams on Friday night from the 29 participating golfers and then matched up their pairing for the Saturday competition.

Then on Saturday morning, the teams hit the links, following pep talks from their respective captains to compete in two player match plays. Holes 1-6 were played as a better ball (low ball), holes 7-12 as alternate shot and holes 13-18 as a scramble. 

The twosomes earned two points for a win against their opponents and one point for ties.

Picking up two points for the Andy team were Linda Barclay and Larry Cooper against Len Arksey,  Charlie Moore and Linda Henderson; Dave McClenaghan and Barry Henderson against Donnie Mabo and Kitty Moore; Bob Barclay and Anita Cooper against Bryan Cochrane and Laurie Dillabough; Andy Patenaude two points against Monique Patenaude and Vicki Boivin.

Splitting their two available points were the pairings of: Lori Davies and Judy Laurin versus Phil Dillabough and Donna Dillabough; Jim Jamieson and Doug Warner against Lee Beaupre and Terry Laurin.

The team of Candace Jamieson and Ken Rundle scored the lone two pointer for the Monique team, playing against Wayne Hutt and Elsie Guindon.

“It was a lot of fun for everyone,” said the losing captain Monique.

And winners or losers, each team got their cake, and got to eat it too.

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