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Where did summer go?

The last time I wrote for this column the kids were just done school, Canada Day celebrations were upon us, the weather was warm, vacation plans were being made, the garden was growing, swimming lessons were at hand. “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…”

And here it is September. 

And part of me is looking forward to a more structured routine. We are creatures of habit and while it is good to get away and take a break we generally like some order and routine to life, crazy as it often is. 

And I am getting back to a more regular routine even though part of me is still up at the lake. It was wonderful to sit out under the stars, hear the haunting call of the loons, the sound of the water and waves sweeping into the shore. 

There in the relaxed, quiet times there is no problem finding God in my life. In nature, in my family, in the wonderful, surprising daily blessings of life God is there.  

Oh that it was as simple to find God in my life when all the craziness of life runs full speed again beginning in September. Definitely something I need to work on. 

Maybe I need to schedule in some more intentional quiet times, leave everything else behind so God has a chance to find me.  And maybe that’s the more important thing here. 

Not so much where is God in my life, but turn it around, where am I in God’s life. Oh I know that’s not good theology. It’s not all about me and should be all about God. But, I wonder…

Where am I in God’s life ? 

It seems to me that the Scriptures plainly show that God has a place for us in His life. Always has. The record of the Bible is virtually a one chorus song with God reaching out, making room, inviting us into His life, His love, His plan and His purpose. Isn’t that what Jesus was all and is all about ? 

God wants to be a part of our lives but more importantly God has a place in His life for us, for you, for me. 

And seeing it from that perspective helps me to find room in my life for God.

Where is God in my life, in your life?  Where am I, where are you in God’s life.

Something to think about.


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