Cory Coons nominated at L.A.Music Awards

It’s a chance every musician hopes for: a nomination at the prestigious Los Angeles Music Awards, scheduled for September 25, 2014.

However, well-known and very talented independent artist Cory Coons has learned that he has two reasons to be pretty excited about this year’s Music Awards.

Coons has just been notified of his nomination in two categories at the ceremony: Male singer/songwriter and Record of the Year for his Share a Little Time. He will be flying out to L.A., to take the stage on Nomination Night at the Whiskey A Go-Go September 25, during the gala 2014 Los Angeles Music Awards. This will be followed by the actual Awards night on November 12.

It’s a pivotal moment in the hard-working young artist’s career.

“I know that in the end, it’s where the road takes us,” Coons said, “and I’m trying to stay grounded. But I’m pretty excited. The nominations are a big step for me. These awards are a kind of spring board into the professional industry and the Grammies. I would really love the support of my community in this endeavour. Fan support really does keep artists doing what they do.” 

Joining Cory on the L.A. journey will be his long time friend and associate, a noted musician himself, Kevin Eamon, owner/operator of Rock My House. Eamon will be Coons’ official sponsor at the first of two red carpet events. 

The road to L.A. is the latest result of years of hard work and dedication on the part of Cory Coons. He has honed his talent, his voice and his writing skills through effort and persistence.

This year, he flew out to Los Angeles in January for two intensive weeks working directly with famed producer Ron Nevison. 

Nevison is one of the top producers in North America. He has worked with mainstream rock groups like Heart, Meat Loaf, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Night Rangers and many others. “I submitted music to Ron over the last two years, and when I reached out to him about producing some material, he readily agreed to it. This was hugely significant to me because Ron can work with any artist he wants to in the music business.” 

Ron oversaw Cory’s time in Los Angeles, setting him up in the studio with back up artists Jeff Bova and Tim Pierce. 

Bova is a producer/arranger who’s already won a Grammy. Pierce was the original session guitar player on Bon Jovi’s Runaway, and Rick Springfield’s guitar player. Cory described it as “an honour” to work with these artists. In fact, Bova created a beautiful string arrangement  for Cory’s Remember Me, a cherished song that he wrote as a tribute to his late parents. 

In the L.A. studio, the musicians laid down tracks for a new EP Cory is releasing to jibe with the September trip stateside. Coons felt that “Ron helped me a lot, especially on vocals. He took the time to get the best out of my voice. And he’s an advisory panel member (with other producers like Eddie Kramer) with the L.A. Music Awards. He was both a connection and a help to me.”

There is a voting ballot system in place on the L.A. Music Awards website. Cory needs the support of voters in this community to help him score well in his two categories. By going on line, and voting (more than once is acceptable!), local fans could really help Cory make his dreams come true.

“If things go well on nomination night, I will need the support of voters and fans all over Canada and world wide. Should I win in one or both of the categories, then the sky’s the limit. Things could go in many directions.”

Again, the young South Dundas musician remains grounded. “Even if I don’t win, the experience of taking part, the media exposure, the publicity is immense. It’s all going to be really exciting to me.”

People can vote for Cory Coons right now, with the polls closing on November 12, just before the Music Awards broadcast. Fan support can make a big difference. The link is

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