Councillor seats now contested, Geertsma files

As of Monday, all seats of South Dundas council are being contested. 

Monday afternoon, Bert Geertsma filed his nomination papers to seek election as a South Dundas councillor in the upcoming municipal election.

Geertsma has never been an elected councillor, although he did once run once, unsuccessfully, for council in Williamsburg.

Geertsma is a longtime resident of the Dunbar area of South Dundas. 

He retired from Nestlé and had a hobby farm that he has since sold. He now works at a dairy and cash crop farm.

“I have the time to spare, and I’m sure I can fit the job well,” he said. “I am willing to make the commitment to council, and to serve all the public interests in South Dundas.”

He sees the council position as the right place to start. “I would prefer to start there, to get the experience, and to work with council and the mayor,” said Geertsma.

“I think its time for a change,” he said, adding that he would like to see more public input into decisions being made.

With Geertsma’s nomination, the number of candidates for councillor now outnumber the available seats. 

Geertsma will be competing with sitting councillors Archie Mellan and Jim Graham and former councillor Bill Ewing for the three available seats at the council table.

So far, the mayor’s race and deputy mayor’s races are two person contests with mayor Steven Byvelds and councillor Evonne Delegarde seeking the mayor’s seat and deputy mayor Jim Locke and first time candidate Leslie Disheau seeking the deputy mayor’s seat.

The nomination deadline is September 12, after which the list of candidates is finalized.

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