Water/sewer budget takes a $90,000 hit

A water system repair that was planned for 2015 had to be done much sooner than expected.

A detailed investigation, including an exploratory dive, revealed that while the cribbing and water intake line were in good condition, the chlorine intake line and diffuser were severely choked to a point where their performance was compromised. 

The result was a $40,000 repair  that was completed in July.

This unexpected hit to the water and sewer budget was not the only one.  Recently, an electrical engineer identified the electrical plan at the Williamsburg Sewage Lagoon as a significant risk of major injury. “Given that municipal employees regularly access the panel to replace blown capacitors, it was decided to proceed with the engineer recommended repairs immediately,” said Chris Bazinet, manager of public works in a key information report to South Dundas council. 

The repair estimate is $50,000.

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