Iroquois Hosts 2014 Fly In Breakfast


It might have been raining in areas around the Iroquois air port, but overhead, Sunday, July 20, the weather was perfect. Nearly 700 people, including pilots and passengers from 50 planes and two helicopters, arrived in Iroquois to enjoy a breakfast served up by volunteers from Ross Video.

John Ross was very pleased with the level of community support. He was equally appreciative of the hard work done by all the event volunteers, whether directing planes on to the field, acting as air traffic advisors, or working behind the stoves, during a day which began well before the first aircraft touched down.

“Our Ross Video people were fabulous,” Ross said.  “We streamlined our kitchen service this year and it worked out very well. Even better, Cherie Scott has agreed to head up our kitchen team. The township also installed six high current outlets on the site, and what a difference they make for food preparation.”

Planes flew in from many directions. Michel Boucher of Embrun, landed his kit-built Mosquito Helicopter, and drew an immediate crowd. So did Luc Thibault of Lachute, who arrived in a 330 pound, hand-made yellow Hummel Bird. “They have a good breakfast here, and my refrigerator was empty,” he laughed, as he answered dozens of questions from the crowd. 

A Chipmunk tandem cockpit 1949 deHavilland demonstrator, owned by Iroquois resident Reagh Simpson, flown by Jean-Pierre Chartrand and David Murray, also drew a great deal of interest at the Fly In. “This particular plane is actually written up in deHavilland’s official history,” Simpson said.

Also taking part in the very successful Fly In day, were over 50 vehicles belonging to the Golden Gears Car Club. Visitors made it clear they really enjoyed the combination of planes and cars at the event. 

“We had fewer planes this year,” John Ross said, “but lots of area people came out to help support our Iroquois airport. The community is wonderful. This has been a very successful day.”  

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