Playhouse crowd pleaser, kids take to the stage

Playhouse Theatre School Show Always A Crowd-Pleaser

This Saturday July 12th at 10AM there’ll be a lot of clowning around at Upper Canada Playhouse! That’s when The Playhouse Senior Theatre School presents its original production SEND IN THE CLOWNS to parents, friends and the general public. The show will mark the culmination of two weeks of creative theatre arts instruction led by instructor Mary Ellen Viau. The first weeks of July are always exciting ones for students recently released from the rigours of classroom studies and home-work. But for the 20 young participants of this summer's Playhouse Senior Theatre School, it marks the beginning of two very intense weeks filled with drama exercises and theatre-themed fun and games. This year students are being encouraged to do as much clowning around as possible in the ten day camp as they focus on the role of clowns in theatre. From Marcel Marceau's famous 'Bip the Clown' and Charlie Chaplin's 'Little Tramp', to the Shakespearean clowns in A Midsummer Night's Dream, these young actors explore the many techniques used to make clowns funny. Teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm and problem-solving are just a of few of the many skills these energetic kids bring to the daily workshops and rehearsals that will prepare them for their final production on the Playhouse stage. Drop by The Playhouse this Saturday, July 12th for "Send In The Clowns." The 45-minute performance is free, and if past Theatre School shows are any indication, it’ll be fun, educational and sure to put a smile on every face! 

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