Lookin for Forever Homes

For info on the dogs or how to adopt a dog please call the South Dundas Animal Shelter 613-913-1476

To see more pictures and videos of all the dogs at the South Dundas Animal Shelter please go to the Facbook page: South Dundas Pet Rescue 

Cookie: 3-4 year old, Black Lab/Border Collie Mix. Not neutered. Some house-training. Amazingly friendly, fun-loving boy. Likes to play, loves people. Really, really needs a chance. Smart dog, very trainable and he keeps getting overlooked at the Shelter. Cookie is a really good natured dog who is looking for someone just to give him a chance…he has a favourite ball that he plays with all by himself and it is heart-breaking to see this happy guy so lonely….We suspect Cookie will need some house-manner training and leash training, but with his Lab and Border Collie mix, we figure he will be quick to learn whatever his new family wants to teach him. A real gem looking for a place to fit in.

Prestin: Under one year, male Shepherd mix puppy. Not neutered. Really smart, fun loving pup, with good disposition. Very trainable, likes to play & likes his new toy (in picture). Will be a fairly large sized dog. Is a really happy boy and really likes people.

Ellie: female, house-trained, 3-4 years. Recently had pups. Suspected unkind background. Ellie needs a single owner or quiet couple, no children and no other dogs. Ellie needs kindness, love and a gentle guiding hand to help her. Ellie has some personality issues so she would make a very special project for a kind and loving person…a dog really needing to be shown how to live life. Ellie, definitely needs to be spayed asap.

Gilmor: Happy male puppy, under one year, who so wants out of the Shelter so he can run and play (like other puppies) with a new and loving family. Beautiful, young mix Shepherd, good personality, not a big dog, smart boy. Poor Gilmor is a happy little guy who has spent too many weeks at the South Dundas Animal Shelter and should be out and about playing and being loved by a kind and loving forever family. He is not going to be a big dog when he grows up, but we suspect he is very smart and will make a very handsome pet. He is of course also near the age where he should be neutered…and it is likely he would need his series of puppy shots.

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