OPP patrolling waterways

Over the last few months, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), East Region Marine and SAVE units have been patrolling our lakes and rivers.  Unfortunately, several charges have been laid in relation to equipment, licences and operation.

Members of our Snowmobile, All Terrain, Vessel Enforcement (SAVE) unit advise that on too many occasions:
• Operators do not have enough life jackets on board. There is a $240 fine plus an additional $100 for each additional life jacket that is missing (per person). Life jackets can only save a life if it is on and is the appropriate size for each person on board the vessel. 
• Lights are not being utilized during reduced periods of visibility and at night time
• Boats are still being operated and underway with open alcohol on board without the proper vessel requirements (See Liquor Licence Act and Regulations)
• Operators are failing to have proof of competency with them on board their vessels

Boaters have been missing various pieces of mandatory equipment that must be on board while being operated. For a full list for your vessel, go to: http://www.tc.gc.ca/Publications

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