Workplace health & safety training mandatory July 1


The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is reminding local business that beginning July 1, all businesses will be required to complete on the job safety awareness training. 

The training, declared mandatory by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), will affect every business and not-for-profit organizations along with all those employed in each sector.

“No longer will businesses be required to provide only WHMIS and Bill 168 (Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) or, only to provide job specific training,” states Chamber President Kevin Hargreaves. “This new legislation is far more encompassing.”

There are two groups who will require the training. 

First is the personnel who supervise others and that includes lead hands, foremen, department heads, executives and business owners. 

The second group consists of all workers under the supervision of anyone in the above group.

For workers: Duties and rights of workers; Roles of H&S committees and H&S representatives; Role of the MOL, WSIB; Commong workplace hazrds and WHMIS requirements; Occupational illness and long term effects

For supervisors: In addition to the points listed above, employers and supervisors will learn: Duties of employers and supervisors; How to recognize, assess and control workplace hazards and evaluate controls; Where to locate additional sources of health and safety information

 There are a number of government resources and training sources businesses can tap into: Ontario Ministry of Labour:


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