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No, Love South Dundas

I heard a story about a pastor who announced that next Sunday was to be a special friendship Sunday. Everyone was encouraged to invite family and friends. He asked that the congregation go out of their way to be welcoming and friendly. 

After his announcement one dear lady was so inspired she turned to the gentleman behind her and greeted him warmly. “Excuse me,” he said, “that friendship stuff isn’t till next week.”

Obviously, there’s something wrong with that picture. Being kind and friendly are hardly things we are to schedule or limit to a certain period of time.

Maybe that’s why it’s okay that after five years Love South Dundas is being discontinued.

Love South Dundas was a combined effort of the churches of our area to show God’s love in tangible ways for two weeks during the month of June. 

Ditches were cleaned, graffiti was painted over, baked goods were given out, seniors’ residences were visited, and a whole host of other random acts of kindness were carried out.

For the last three years the event ended with a big outdoor fair with bouncy castles, children’s entertainers, face painting, a free barbecue, and all kinds of other great stuff. 

It was a lot of fun. A wonderful way to get together as a community. The event closed with a joint worship service in which a guest speaker shared the awesome message of salvation in Christ.

Overall, Love South Dundas was also a great way for the churches to get out of their walls to serve their community and in doing so to be a witness for God. It was also a powerful expression of the unity of the church. All these Christians working together as one. For some of us, this may be what we miss most.

But now Love South Dundas (at least for now) is no more. Maybe that’s okay. 

Serving the community and witnessing to it of God’s love really is to be something that is done year round. 

Hopefully Love South Dundas served as a catalyst for us churches to continue to work together. Hopefully it got us excited to be the salt and light that Christ calls us to be.

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