Council follows through on the Williamsburg library project

Two weeks after first deliberating the bids received on the renovation project that will bring library space back to Williamsburg, council decided to accept the $209,841 bid by Wells and Son Construction to go ahead with the project.  

The decision came at the June 3 council meeting, here in Morrisburg.

Council was first presented the recommendation to accept the Wells bid at the May 20, council meeting, but balked at accepting the tender that, although the lowest of those received, was more than council had expected to pay for the project.

They asked staff to meet with the lowest bidder to go over the costs associated with the project to determine if any savings could be found.

South Dundas manager of planning and enforcement Donald Lewis reported that the $20,000 in savings they had hoped to find didn’t materialize in meeting with the contractor.

The Wells bid was already $82,000 less than the next lowest bid.

Council agreed that the small amount of savings ($8,500) identified through meeting with the contractor did not warrant any changes to the project.

Because a portion of the project involves upgrading an existing recreation facility, the North Williamsburg Recreation Centre, staff proposed that the project be financed partially through the accessibility budget, the park fund and the sale of assets reserve fund. 

Financing the project in this manner means that the project will have no impact on the tax rate, a fact that pleased council.

“We’re replacing reserves with an asset,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

The dozen library supporters who attended the June 3 council meeting to witness the decision regarding the fate of the project applauded council voting to approve the tender.

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