Volunteers appreciated at Senior Support Centre

Janet Levere, Executive Director of the J.W. MacIntosh Seniors’ Support Centre welcomed 80 volunteers to the annual volunteer appreciation event held at the centre on Tuesday, May 13.

Duane Locke, Chair of the Board of Directors, also spoke and shared the board’s appreciation to the dedicated volunteers. 

Entertainment was the Sage Age Theatre Group comprised of mature actors and actresses who performed a variety of mini skits which enacted many of the issues facing seniors in today’s world. 

Laughter was heard amongst the volunteers as situations evolved. Serious challenges were noted too. 

Following the entertainment, Levere thanked the “best volunteers in our communities!” 

Her speech noted that the volunteers are generous, caring individuals who are making a difference. 

“Our communities are changing and the clients and their needs are changing too,” she said. “The volunteers’ commitment to embrace the changes is heartwarming. Like the beautiful caterpillars that we see everywhere today to the lovely butterflies they become, the volunteers display beautiful and lovely gestures of kindness as they face new challenges!”

Janet gave the volunteers an update of the Centre’s other activities including: 

1) The increases in the Going Home Program with referrals from emergency departments and hospital discharges from the Winchester District Memorial Hospital as well as hospitals in Ottawa, Brockville and Cornwall,.

2) The seniors requiring minimal assistance such as one bath a week can now contact the MacIntosh Seniors’ Support Centre for this assistance offered under the respite service.

3) The expansion of the Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors program into the Kemptville area, (operating in the Iroquois-Morrisburg area since 2010). 

4) The new physio and fall prevention exercise programs offered at the Centre through Ministry funded programs.  This organization could not continue to expand its’ services without the leadership of the Board of Directors, volunteers who donate their time and expertise so that South Dundas is the place to live. 

This past year, the Senior Support Centre recorded nearly 7,000 hours of volunteer service.  

New volunteers are always welcome, and anyone interested in volunteering is invited to contact Cathy Tupper at 613-535-2924.

The following statistics review the work completed during the past year. 

•33 persons received 1,513 meals

•298 seniors enjoyed 5,701 diners 

•127 clients were supported with 1,594 one way trips or 3,188 round trips

•101 persons benefitted from the 477 foot care appts.

•23 clients enjoyed 491 units of the adult day programs.

•1,728 hours of work in the craft group, fundraising, social activities, exercises, committees, etc.

•10,172 hours of respite in the community and apartment

•13,792 hours of assisted living and supportive housing services

In total with the volunteer support services and the paid employee services, 585 persons were supported during the past year. 


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