South Dundas councillor Graham seeks third term

Friday, two-term councillor Jim Graham filed nomination papers to seek re-election as South Dundas councillor in this fall’s municipal election.

If re-elected, it would be Graham’s third term as councillor, a position which he is proud to have held for eight years.

“I have spent eight years working on behalf of the residents of South Dundas and a feel I would like to continue to do so as there are many challenges ahead,” said Graham, who is ready to fully commit to four more years.

“I decided to run for councillor instead of one of the other positions because whether you are mayor or deputy mayor or councillor you still have only one vote when it comes to council for decisions,” said Graham. “I feel I can be as effective as a councillor as one of the other positions.”

“There are many challenges ahead,” said Graham, giving the landfill sites approaching capacity as an example. “I feel my experience and past record will serve me well to represent the residents of South Dundas on municipal council,” said Graham. “I have enjoyed representing the residents of this municipality and hope I can continue to earn their respect and confidence to represent South Dundas as a municipal councillor for another four years.”

Graham filing his nomination papers leaves South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds as the only member of the current council who has not yet officially made public his election intentions.

So far, Jim Graham, Archie Mellan and Bill Ewing have filed nominations for the three councillor seats, Jim Locke for the deputy mayor’s seat and Evonne Delegarde for the mayor’s seat.

The nomination period for the October 17 municipal election is open until September 12. The final ballot is not officially set until after that deadline passes.

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