It’s a wrap for figure skaters


Katie Buter, Cameryn Broad and Ali Van Hoof were named the Morrisburg & District Skating Club StarSkate Spirit of Skating Award winners at the club’s annual banquet on Sunday.

Buter and Broad received the award as co-winners at the Intermediate Skating level while Van Hoof won at the Senior level.

The purpose of the StarSkate Spirit of Award is to recognize Intermediate and Senior level skaters who have demonstrated, spirit, determination and commitment to the StarSkate program throughout the skating season. The recipients were selected by a committee which consisted of all coaches at the two levels and board members representing both intermediate and senior skaters.

“It was very difficult this year to pick out one skater,” said Ellen Biemond. “This year you have all worked very hard, and you should all be very proud of yourselves.”

Morrisburg club president Julie Van Hoof kicked off the awards program.

Tonight marks the end of the 2013-14 skating season,” said Van Hoof. “It has certainly been one of the best skating seasons for the Morrisburg and District Skating Club.”

“On behalf of the Club, I’d like to thank all members of the board for all the work that each of you has done throughout the skating season. I would also like to thank those parents who continue to volunteer when  needed. The success of our club comes from the dedication and commitment of our many volunteers. MDSC is very fortunate to have such a strong volunteer base.”

Van Hoof also thanked the MDSC coaching team which included Allison Scott, Louise Dimmick, Danielle Napier, Veronica Whyte, Ali Van Hoof and Dana Grant (dance coach). “Each of you devotes so much time and effort into coaching, encouraging and believing in your skaters. The relationship you develop with each of them are memories that will never be forgotten. Without you, we would not have the successful and talented skates we have within our club.”

Van Hoof then turned her attention to the skaters. 

“Tonight we are very proud to be rewarding many of you for your accomplishments and achievements. It doesn’t matter what jumps you land or what tests you passed. It is important to remember you are your own individual on the ice, working hard to achieve your personal goals. MDSC is very proud of each of you for all the hard work and commitment that goes into your skating. I encourage all of our skaters to continue to follow your dreams and strive for your goals.”

Accomplishments were recognized in the four skating disciplines: Dance, Skills, Interpretive and Free Skate.

Topping off her goals this year was Alisha Van Hoof who completed her gold level in Interpretive and in Skills. “Two golds in two disciplines is a huge achievement,” said club test chair Isabella Jordan. This is the highest level of achievement in the Skate Canada Program, and achieving gold is certainly something to be proud of.”

Following are Dance passes: Junior Bronze Dances which include Swing, Fiesta Tango and Willow Waltz–Reagan Belanger and Cameryn Broad. Senior Bronze Dances, 10 Fox, Fourteen Step, European–Alexis Engwerda, Kristyn Van Hoof, Abigail Jordan, Kendra Buter, Trina Dykstra-MacPherson, Kaitlyn Stewart and Tayler Pilon.

Skills Passes: Jr. Bronze– Katie Buter. Senior Bronze–Erika Jordan, Reagan Belanger, Cameryn Broad. Junior Silver–Kristyn Van Hoof, Trina Dykstra-MacPherson. Senior Silver–Abby MacMillan, Alexis Engwerda. Gold Skills–Alisha Van Hoof.

Interpretive Passes: Introductory–Kendra Buter and Kaitlyn Steward. Gold Interpretive–Alisha Van Hoof.

Free Skate Passes: Preliminary–Ashley Bouwman, Olivia Hart, Mikaela Furo, and Xandra Furo. Junior Bronze–Kaitlyn Stewart, Cameryn Broad and Katie Buter. Senior Bronze–Trina Dykstra-MacPherson and Abby MacMillan.

The club and her fellow skaters also took the time to say good bye to senior skater Alyssa MacMillan who heads off to university in the fall. “Alyssa, you have devoted so much time into our club, both as a skater and as a Program Assistant,” said Van Hoof. “You worked hard to achieve your personal goals, and should be very proud that along the way you achieved a gold test. On behalf of the Morrisburg and District Skating Club, I wish you all the best as you prepare for a new journey in your life.”

The Can Skate members of the Morrisburg & District Skating Club wrapped up their season at an ice cream party banquet in March. At that banquet, Emma Morrow was named Canskater of the Year and Abigail Smail and Lilly Napier were named the “Spirit Champions”.

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