Renovated port for Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, fish habitat for Municipality of South Dundas

The larger portion of a fisheries compensation project associated with the $35 million renovation at the Port of Johnstown, will be taking place at Riverside Heights later this summer.

Six years of collaboration by several stakeholders to complete renovations at the Port of Johnstown was celebrated at the port April 15. 

The cost of the work was covered in a three-way federal, provincial, municipal split.

Started over the winter, the first fisheries compensation project included expansion of an existing Johnstown wetland into a larger habitat for fish and other aquatic life. 

It will be completed in June with planting of the shoreline.

Starting in August, under the supervision of South Nation Conservation Authority, a larger fisheries compensation project will be undertaken on property owned by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission at Riverside Heights. 

Both projects were required by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to compensate for fish habitat lost due to installation of a new wharf at the port.

Although outside the Port of Johnstown’s home municipality of Edwardsburgh / Cardinal, Riverside Heights was seen by all parties involved as a logical location for additional habitat compensation. 

The project will involve creation of an embayment with channels cut into existing marshland.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds explained that the portion of the project that will take place in South Dundas, is located on Parks of the St. Lawrence land, on the east side of the old County Road 8 allowance, south of County Road 2, at Riverside Heights.

“It will not have any effect on land use, as it is protected now as a provincially significant wetland,” he said.

SNC chairman Bill Smirle said he’s proud and pleased that all parties – not to mention St. Lawrence aquatic species – will gain from the compensation projects.

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