Perspectives by Rev. Norine Gullons


New life, new joy, new possibilities

Easter – the most important day in the Christian calendar starts with  lots of activity.

Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection in countless colorful ways. We gather with family and friends for meals. We really appreciate the sunshine and head out doors to enjoy a hike, bike or walk with the youth. Springtime flowers and Easter lilies decorate our homes and churches. We gather for worship maybe once or maybe every day during the week between Palm Sunday and  Easter Sunday.   

The best way to celebrate Easter is to do what Jesus did and that was to forgive someone.

Each of us stands level with each other at the foot of the cross having been forgiven ourselves. 

We all have someone in our lives that we need to forgive; a neighbor, a family member, a brother or  sister or someone at work. Now is the time to do that. 

What are those  sayings? Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Just do it !

As an Easter people we are aware that the power of the Resurrection of Christ has forever changed who we are. It has given us the courage to boldly proclaim a living faith.

This spring celebrate new life, new joy and new possibilities in your life.

Go in peace, and share this good news! Thanks be to God! 

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