South Dundas and South Stormont join forces to launch regional website

The Municipality of South Dundas and the Township of South Stormont have gone live…with the launch of the new website. 

All local businesses are invited to attend a Business Breakfast being held on May 8th, 2014 at the Upper Canada Golf Course Restaurant for the official launch of the website as well as to hear about how businesses can benefit from the branding campaign.

The Upper Canada Region brand was originally proposed in 2008 as an identity for South Dundas and South Stormont. The brand highlights the historical roots and provides a sense of location which is further refined by its connection with the area’s renowned tourist attractions, including Upper Canada Village and the Upper Canada Playhouse.

“The Upper Canada Region brand will allow us to market our unique and desirable characteristics to the world. Not only can the municipalities use this identifier to their benefit, but businesses can too. I’m happy that we’re moving forward with building the identity”, said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

The integration of the brand into the hamlet signs for South Dundas was the first of many initiatives planned to re-introduce the Upper Canada Region. South Stormont will complete their new signage program this spring.

Mayor Brian McGillis of South Stormont said, “Featuring the Upper Canada Region logo on our hamlet signs, and now the launch of our new website, will help create recognition of the brand and start building the association between the identity and positive experiences that people have while visiting, living and, working in our two communities”.

Building this collaborative brand is an important step towards differentiating this area and increasing its ability to attract residents, visitors and businesses.

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