Curlers Sweep it Home


League play at the Morrisburg Curling Club was completed this week, and the results follow: 

The Tuesday night men’s final was won by the team of Larry Cooper, Barry Zeran, Len Bellamy and Bert Smail. 

In the senior men’s last draw, the Fraser Trophy champion team was Al Harriman, Keith Robinson, Bill Laurin and Albert DeJong. The second-place team was Raymond Benoit, Doug Jarvis, Paul Dobry and Earl Jeacle, and third place went to Peter Zeran, Arnold Barkley, Fred Langlotz and Bob Bechard. 

The day ladies, the Wednesday night ladies, and the Friday night mixed leagues don’t declare winners, so there are no results for them. They do enjoy their outings to the fullest, though.

The final for the Thursday night competitive league was played after the closing banquet on Saturday night. The two teams had been through playoffs on Monday and Tuesday nights in this very well-balanced league, and the game we saw was close and well-played. 

A few players were unable to make it to the game, but they were ably-replaced for the match. Larry Cooper, Chris and Nancy Barkley and Josh Laurin competed with Mahlon Locke, Wendy Casselman, Joe McCooeye and Kathy Norg for the club championship. The game could have gone either way, with shots that wouldn’t have looked out of place against teams we’ve been watching on television. Larry’s team edged Mahlon’s and we can only hope that next year’s final will be as exciting to watch

Before Saturday’s banquet, all present were invited to try their skills in three competitions. In the one for the “best putt”, Anjo Norg took home the prize money, the “draw through the port” was won by Peter Zeran, and Rick Mackenzie was victorious in the “hit and roll.”

The closing bonspiel was an all-day affair, and the first draw saw Jack Barkley, Kathy Johnston, Kathy Killick and Eleanor Allison emerge victorious, with honourable mentions to runner-ups Keith Robinson, Paul Gunther, Bob Bechard and Fred Langois. In the late draw, Wendy Casselman, Rick Mackenzie, Jeff Trumble and Daryl McDonell won, with Sam Locke, Carolyn Beckstead, Paula Locke and Mark Mcdonald placing second. Very good play was in evidence for these final matches in the bonspiel season.

In the business meeting, Jack Barkley thanked Mahlon Locke for his three years’ service as president. Mahlon then took charge of the agenda, and indicated that he would end his term in September, closing out some unfinished business concerning the grants for the club. 

The club house and the rink are in very good shape, and with any luck, no major replacements or repairs will be needed for some time. 

Mahlon invited those interested to inform him or other executive members of names, theirs or others, interested in assisting on the board or the social committee. 

A rummage sale is planned for the long weekend when the town holds garage sales, rentals over the summer are welcomed, and the last executive meeting before the new curling season will be held in the week before registration.

The banquet followed, with the delicious turkey dinner enjoyed by all. Our thanks to the chef, who also prepares meals at the golf club, and her volunteers, who looked after over 70 people in the lounge.

Finally, a team of our ladies were in Ottawa last week at the Navy club for their bonspiel. Gretta McGann, Betty Locke, Sharon Van Allen and Linda Murphy did battle with an Ottawa club and then one from the R.A. after lunch, losing tight matches.

We hope to see you all back at the club in early October. Watch for the announcement of registration night in the Morrisburg Leader in September. 



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