Big skate accomplishments for little skaters


Sunday afternoon the CanSkate skaters of the Morrisburg and District Skate Club wrapped up their season with a gala ice cream party and awards presentation ceremony.

As each of the young skaters now hang up their skates until next fall, along with their skates each will be hanging up a medal earned this past season.

The afternoon of fun and ice cream also provided the opportunity for the club to recognize some individual accomplishments.

The success of the CanSkate program hinges heavily on the volunteer work of the club’s intermediate and senior skaters.

The Morrisburg Club has a very talented and dedicated pool of PAs and each year, one is acknowledged as PA of the Year. After each of the PAs was recognized the winner of this year’s award, which recognizes the PA for the assistance provided to the young skaters and club coaches was announces.

The PA of the year is an excellent role model, is dependable, enthusiastic and is a team player who shows unwavering devotion to the skate, said Ellen Biemond in making the presentation to Kaitlyn Stewart.

The afternoon’s festivities were handled by Biemond who is the Morrisburg Club’s CanSkate chair. She thanked everyone for the wonderful effort put forward for the club’s ice show the night before. 

In particular she thanked Sandra Scott, who not only works with the very beginners in the CanSkate program each year, taking them from their sprawled positions on the ice to little skaters by year end skate show, but who is instrumental in putting together the show, in particular the costumes that are always so delightful.

Biemond also thanked the den dads and moms for their help at the show and all those who helped with costumes. Special mention was given to the Mickey and Minnie dads who entertained at the show.

Recognized as this year’s CanSkater of the Year was Emma Morrow. This Skate Canada Athletic Award is presented each year to a CanSkater skater, 8 years and under. 

As recipient of the award Emma was recognized for her self-confidence, determination and her positive attitude, as well as for demonstrating natural ability/talent coupled with a passion for skating. She skater is eager to learn new skills and to improve and participates fully in all activities.

The final awards for the CanSkate Year were the Skate Canada CanSkate Champion Awards which go to skaters who demonstrate the qualities that embody the “spirt of a champions”…determination, discipline, perseverance and a positive attitude.

This year’s Spirit Awards went to CanSkaters Abigail Smail and Lilly Napier. Both embody the quality considered to be the essence of skating, commitment, perseverance and dedication.

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