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Today is my daughter’s birthday. I remember the day long ago when she entered the world at the Brockville General Hospital. Now she is 23 years old, and my husband and I continue to be proud parents.

While Hilary was growing up, she took swimming lessons and finished two gold level tests in figure skating. She loved music, and we spent many hours enjoying movies at the theatre.

Our family shared many moments of joy together, especially during our trips to Disney World. Yet illness arrived in our lives when Hilary was about 14 years old. It continues on to this day, and a lot of my daughter’s day to day living is a struggle because of poor health.

I’ve often thought of life as a journey. Our family seems to have hit so many bumps on the journey however. Sometimes it is difficult to put one foot in front of another. 

I know many other people who face sick days, loneliness, rejection, hunger and bereavement. Happiness is often clouded by trial. 

One thing that keeps me going is the assurance that God loves His people and travels with them on all of their journeys. Jesus can bring light out of darkness, comfort out of sorrow, resurrection out of death. Even when our days are shattered, God can shed hope and light upon us.

God loves us. We will never fall out of His caring embrace. In life, in death, in life beyond death our Lord is with us. We are never alone.

In this Lenten season, we are asked to place Jesus at the centre of our days. We can draw closer to Jesus and to one another. We can ask ourselves how we can care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can cherish others as God has first cherished us.

As we walk the journey to the Cross and ultimately, the empty tomb, we can be assured that God’s presence strengthens us, guides us and inspires us.

During this Lenten season may we remember to take to heart these words.

Lent is a time to take the time to let the power of our faith story take hold of us,

a time to let the events get up and walk around in us,

a time to intensify our living unto Christ,

a time to hover over the thoughts of our hearts,

a time to place our feet in the streets of Jerusalem or to walk along the sea and listen to his word,

a time to touch his robe and feel the healing surge through us, a time to ponder and a time to wonder. . .

Lent is a time to allow a fresh new taste of God! 

(From Kneeling in Jerusalem, by Ann WeemsAnn Weems)

Rev. Janet Evans, 

Williamsburg United Church,

Lakeshore Drive United 

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