Jones asking for local support in SDSG Liberal nomination bid

Del Jones of Morrisburg says he’s the right person to get things done and the right person to represent the Stormont, Dundas, South Glengarry Liberals in the next provincial election. 

That’s why he is seeking the nomination.

He is one of two candidates vying for the position. The other is John Earle of Cornwall.

Jones, grew up here in Morrisburg, has lived and worked throughout Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, but chose to raise his family here in his hometown.

“I have the right experience to be effective,” he said. 

With his  background including hands on experience in business, industry, education and municipal affairs, Jones knows that this combination would serve him and the community well at Queen’s Park.

In addition to his work experience, Jones is a long time Liberal, who has always been heavily involved with the party. Presently, he is part of the Provincial Liberal executive and is president of the local Federal Liberal riding association.

Eager to put his knowledge into practice for the benefit of the community, Jones hopes that his efforts will be supported locally. 

“What I need first is the nomination,” said Jones. 

Those who wish to support Jones, who are not members of the Ontario Liberal Party, will need to join the party, in order to have a vote, to determine who the SDSG liberal candidate will be in the next provincial election. 

This can be done online or by contacting Jones directly for those who prefer to complete a paper membership application.

“I am a strong voice. I am from this community, so I have a strong understanding of the local issues, while at the same time I have a firm grasp on provincial and national issues,” said Jones. 

“I have a history of getting things done. I have a track record of finding creative solutions to complex problems, and a history of helping to make large organizations more efficient.”

His problem solving skills are something that he would like to have the opportunity to apply in a provincial governmental capacity. 

“Problem solving motivates me. I am a numbers guy and a facts guy. I would like to get by all the rhetoric and get to the facts. We have big problems to solve, and I’d like to get on with it,” said Jones. 

“Anyone wishing to support me should become a member of the party and plan to vote at the nomination meeting, Saturday, April 5th at Nav Canada in Cornwall.”

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