MP on the middle class

SD & SG middle class families are faring better. 

Since elected in 2004 to represent the great constituents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, I have continually heard concerns about jobs, high taxes, and the ability to support a family.  

That is why I am happy to announce that middle class families are faring better due to the strong economic leadership of our Conservative Government. 

Last week Statistics Canada released their Survey of Financial Security, which confirmed that the average Canadian family is better off today under our current Conservative Government than under the previous Liberal Government. 

Statistics Canada’s report found that the net worth of Canadian families was up 44.5 per cent from 2005 and almost 80 per cent more than 1999. 

In fact, the largest increase in net worth between 2005 and 2012 occurred for families in the middle income bracket. 

This encouraging report is a direct result of the measures our Government has put in place since elected.   

Due to the action we took to cut taxes 160 times, we have saved the average Canadian family over $3,400 a year. 

We have also removed 1 million Canadians from the tax rolls, including 380,000 seniors. 

Furthermore, our commitment to lowering taxes has resulted in disposable income, after taxes, rising by 10 per cent across all income levels. 

Thanks to our low tax plan, 1.4 million Canadians are no longer living in poverty, and the number of Canadians living below the Low Income Cut-off is at its lowest level ever. 

The action we have taken to keep taxes low for Canadian families keeps more of their hard earned money where it belongs – in their pockets.

That is why I am deeply concerned about recent comments from Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. 

Trudeau said that he would massively increase the size of the federal government, which means either ballooning national debt or tax increases for Canadian families. 

Trudeau’s comments show me that the middle class would not fare well under a Trudeau Liberal Government. 

In contrast, under our Conservative Government’s low tax plan, we are making life more affordable for Canadian families in SD&SG, while balancing the budget. 

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