Curlers on the Road

Our little rockers met each other in the “B” final of the “Big Four” bonspiel. Martina and Kyra Lewis, and Erin and Annika Gibbons lost their first game to Metcalfe, but won their second against Winchester. Nolan Belanger, James Szuky, Tommy Derikz and Abby Tritzsky lost a nail-biter to Winchester and defeated our other team to win the “B” championship. 

The next day in the Ran Wylie bonspiel, Martina and Kyra Lewis, Rhiannon Beckstead and Abby Tritzsky won both of their matches to finish second. The curlers had a great time and are preparing for the little rocks playdowns in Cornwall on March 2.

At the senior men’s Bernie Brunt Invitational Bonspiel last week met at the club, with teams from Winchester, R.C.M.P., Russell, City View, Cornwall, Rideau and Kingston in attendance, as well as two local teams.

The early draw was won by the Marseille foursome from Winchester. As the high-scoring team they got their name on the trophy. Raymond Benoit, Peter Zeran, Jack Barkley and Fred “Boomer” Langlotz played well, but did not figure in the prize money.

In the late draw, Andy Patenaude, Mahlon Locke, Neil Williams and Bob Youmelle also finished out of the money, losing to Henry’s Prescott team, who tied with City View to win the draw and prize money. As usual, the meal was excellent, the ice was great, and the day was a financial success. The hard work of the volunteers was much appreciated.

 The final Parnell competition for the season was held on Friday, and while three of our senior men’s teams wanted to represent us, we were only allowed one entry. 

Raymond Benoit, Peter Zeran, Karl Duncan and Earl Jeacle defeated Dave King, Al Harriman, Rick MacKenzie and Fred Langlotz on Thursday and won the right to go to Lancaster for the bonspiel. 

They won their first match against Prescott in an extra end, and after lunch played a strong Cornwall team. Unfortunately, Cornwall won, and with the point total, our fellows placed second to Lancaster. Well done anyway, fellows!

Susan McIntosh, Kathy Norg, Joanne Baker and Claire Locke competed in a ladies’ invitational “favourite twosomes” three-day bonspiel in Cornwall. Susan’s team lost on Friday night to Cornwall and dropped a Saturday match to Lancaster, but defeated another Lancaster foursome in the afternoon, qualifying them for the “D” final. They lost that match on Sunday, but came home happy, having enjoyed the meals, the costumes and the live band. 

Several of the ladies wore interesting outfits. One pair, for example, dressed as ketchup and mustard (favourite condiments being the twosome in that case). That must have been worth the price of admission. Maybe Susan brought home pictures.

On Saturday, the Merkley Bonspiel was on at Metcalfe. Morrisburg, Russell and Winchester each brought two teams to compete. Our champions, Robbie Stitt, Robert Houze, Rick MacKenzie and John Toonders lost their opening match to Metcalfe and defeated Russell after lunch. This qualified them for the “B” final. With Robbie having to leave early, Joe enjoyed the banquet and skipped the team against Giroud’s Russell foursome. Russell won the competition and will defend the trophy next year.

Joe McCooeye, Larry Cooper, Peter McCooeye and Wally Baker dropped their matches against Winchester and Russell. The “A” final was an all-Metcalfe affair, with the championship won by Bill Woods’ team. It was a great day for the men

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