Chamber of Commerce Tubie event saviour

There’s going to be a 44th annual Tubie weekend.

The 43 year old event, was in jeopardy when two weeks ago the Morrisburg and District Lions Club’s Tubie Committee announced that they would no longer organize and host the event.

The announcement was a challenge to the community as the outgoing organizers asked that anyone interested in keeping this community’s longest continuously running festival alive, come forward. When they made the announcement, they were confident that someone would come forward to continue the popular event.

Last week, the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce board of directors approved the undertaking and February 14, issued a press release outlining their intentions.

“The community can breathe a sigh of relief. Tubie Fest will not fade away but will continue as strong as ever thanks to The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce stepping up to the plate,” reads the release. 

Chamber President Chuck Barkley is delighted that this signature event will continue. 

“This event is a major economic generator for our Community and the Board of Directors felt strongly that is was much too important to let it disappear,” said Barkley.

In preparation for the 2014 Tubie Fest, the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce will be consulting with the event’s past organizers who have done such an outstanding job over the years.  

“We certainly appreciate their countless volunteer hours and all the challenges they have faced during the past years,” said Chamber of Commerce vice president Carl McIntyre. “We are glad to hear that the previous organizers are willing to guide us through organizing this event.” In the coming months the Chamber will also be looking to the community for volunteers and support as they organize Tubie Fest 2014. 

“Tubie Fest has been one of the community’s most important events for decades and certainly has had a positive effect on the area’s economy over the years. Probably most important, however, is how Tubie Fest brings the community together every summer with friends from near and far enjoying this special week in August. The Chamber feels this is something that should continue and encourages all of those Tubie Racers, hometown folks who live away and the entire community to look forward to making Tubie Fest 2014 one of the best ever,” concludes the media release.

“We are thrilled to learn that the Chamber of Commerce has elected to pick up the torch and ensure that South Dundas will celebrate Tubie Weekend in 2014,” said Michael Domako, who along with Matt McCooeye co-chaired the outgoing organizing committee.

“The Chamber has experience organizing different types of events and by virtue of their mandate have an established network and support in the business community,” he added. “We will work with the Chamber to provide a smooth transition and look forward to the next step in the evolution of the Tubie Festival.

Details about the 44th Tubie weekend event will be up to a new committee, which the Chamber of Commerce directors hope to have in place within the next couple of weeks.

Asked what the community can expect from this year’s event, South Dundas Chamber of Commerce manager Geraldine Fitzsimmons said, “In my own personal opinion – I would think the Chamber will be keeping the event much the same as what the people are accustomed to – it’s been working great so far, so why change it?” 

The event takes a great number of volunteer resources, and the Chamber believes they will have enough help to make it work. 

“Our community is known for all the competent volunteers we have, and everyone knows how important Tubie Festival is for us,” said Fitzsimmons.

“I am glad to see the Chamber pick up the responsibility to run the Tubies,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds. “The community had told me they would have missed them and this proves that, in the end, if the event is worth doing, someone will.”

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