This little piggy went to….

Cancer volunteer driver, Jennifer Hindorff was delighted with the 25 of  ‘pink pigs’ she put out for adoption at Valu-mart on Saturday.

Hindorff, of Winchester, is a Wheels of Hope driver for the S.D.G. Prescott Russell branch of the Canadian Cancer Society. She quickly jumped into the adoptive piggy pasture when she heard of the unique fundraiser first run this past fall in Owen Sound, says Carolyn Bourassa, the Community manager for the Cancer Society.

“This (the fundraiser) is a brand new idea, so we thought we would give it a go,” said Bourassa, Saturday, as Hindorff’s was kept busy handling piggy adoptions. “It was a volunteer who came up with the fundraising idea. They (Owen Sound) tried it in the fall and were very successful.” 

“Wheels of Hope is a fairly expensive program to run, but it is hugely beneficial program to people who need help with transportation to get to their cancer treatments. So we thought we would try the Piggy Adoption fundraiser. We thought it was a fresh idea and a catchy concept, so we put the idea out to our local drivers.”

Last year the Wheels of Hope program in S.D.G. Prescott-Russell, supported 28 families with a child and 506 individuals with their transportation needs. The total cost of the service was $150,716.

“We are lucky that Winchester Hospital provides some cancer treatments, but most of our local people go to Ottawa,” said Bourassa.

Hindorff, a single mom who is fighting her own battle with cancer, drives two to three times per month in the Wheels of Hope program for this area. “It is so very sad. If someone calls needing help with their transportation, you know it is because they don’t have family to help out, or they don’t have a car,” said Hindorff. “It is scarey enough to be dealing with the cancer. You don’t want to have to worry about how to get to your treatments. I figured I can drive, so this could be my way of helping others.”

Prior to bringing the Piggies of Hope to Morrisburg, Hindorff set up her first adoption pasture in Finch where she adopted out 20 pigs. “It was the first time, and we were all quite excited about it.”

It is hoped that each piggy that is adopted is returned at the end of February (to Valu-mart) stuffed with $75 which is the average cost for a round-trip to cancer treatment.

In addition to the money required to pay the costs of transportation, the Wheels of Hope program is always looking for drivers. “Some drive weekly, some monthly,” explained Bourassa. “We have lots of drivers who are retired, some of whom are away in the winter. So we would love to have more drivers.”

Anyone who was unable to adopt a piggy on Saturday, or who would like more information on becoming a volunteer driver is invited to call the office at 613-932-1283. Hindorff will also be placing some Pigs of Hope in various businesses in North Dundas.

Those unable to take on the sole responsibility of one of these adorable creatures, can keep an eye out for those located in businesses in South and North Dundas. 

One such little pink guy is grazing on the front counter at The Leader for anyone who would like to make a donation.


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